Deezer is a music streaming service similar to Spotify and Pandora and has a standalone app for Android. Its latest beta release packs some tiny design tweaks and bug fixes, which have been mentioned in the official changelog, posted on Google Play, and here it is:


A smarter Deezer With this update, you can better manage explicit content throughout the app with new options in your settings. We also redesigned our Dislike icon to make it easier to understand. Finally, we fixed some display bugs in podcasts, and made sure all the Google Assistant commands work as intended. Enjoy!

So, according to the changelog, this version includes a new toggle in the 'App settings' section inside the settings, which allows users to hide explicit content only from their recommendations, or anywhere inside the Deezer app - very helpful for parental control. The next change comes with the new dislike icon, which indeed looks like a button, generally used to describe blocking actions, at least according to the Material Design icons provided by Google, but not only. "What is wrong with the thumbs down icon?" I would like to ask here. Version beta also includes bug fixes regarding the UI display for podcasts and many improvements to Google Assistant voice commands.