Deezer is one of the greatest streaming services for all of you music lovers. You can discover millions of artists and songs in any genre, explore playlists and browse through curated top charts containing the best music from around the world. The free version lets you listen to music in shuffle mode only, so a premium subscription may be necessary, as it gives you the option to download music and many other extras.

Deezer for Android is up for beta testing and brings along the usual fixes, plus a new carousel view, but more on that afterward the official release notes for this build.


We've made a few changes to the Deezer app. Now there are fewer bugs so your app works like a charm.

Finally, we've added a carousel at the top of every album, artist and playlist page. Swipe through it for more info like last update, number of fans, and most popular track.

With all of the bug fixing in one hand, Deezer beta comes with a new carousel view at the top of every album, artist and playlist page. Displayed are being there cover images and additional details such as release dates, number of tracks, total length, and more depending on the content. You only need to swipe left or right to switch between pages. This is such a smart way of hiding this kind of information while still keeping it easily accessible and without adding any unwanted visual clutter to the app's user interface.

You can join Deezer's beta program from the form links further down this page and get to try out stuff earlier than others.

Source: Google Play

Deezer is a music streaming service similar to Spotify and Pandora and has a standalone app for Android. Its latest beta release packs some tiny design tweaks and bug fixes, which have been mentioned in the official changelog, posted on Google Play, and here it is:


A smarter Deezer With this update, you can better manage explicit content throughout the app with new options in your settings. We also redesigned our Dislike icon to make it easier to understand. Finally, we fixed some display bugs in podcasts, and made sure all the Google Assistant commands work as intended. Enjoy!

So, according to the changelog, this version includes a new toggle in the 'App settings' section inside the settings, which allows users to hide explicit content only from their recommendations, or anywhere inside the Deezer app - very helpful for parental control. The next change comes with the new dislike icon, which indeed looks like a button, generally used to describe blocking actions, at least according to the Material Design icons provided by Google, but not only. "What is wrong with the thumbs down icon?" I would like to ask here. Version beta also includes bug fixes regarding the UI display for podcasts and many improvements to Google Assistant voice commands.

Deezer is a music streaming service which has both free and paid options. The free version is limited in terms of functionality as it doesn't allow skipping tracks in playlists, downloading music and more. The "Subscribe for... this and that" pop-ups are quite intrusive and right in your face. Here is a list with some of the features it has and after that, we will get to the subscription plans offered.

  • Deezer Flow - It creates a personalized playlist just for you with new and old songs that it thinks you'll like.
  • Lyrics - Sing along to your favorite tunes
  • Search through millions of songs, albums, podcasts and radio stations
  • Listen to any playlist you want or create your own
  • Discover podcasts, radio stations, and audio channels
  • Share your personal playlists and audio tunes with others
  • Build your music collection in a single tap with “favorite” or organize your new music by artist or genre
  • Listen to your music anytime on Wi-Fi, mobile data or offline!

Subscription plans

  • Deezer Premium - 4,99 €/month, or 49,90 € instead of 59,88 €

    • No ads
    • Unlimited music
    • Offline mode
  • Deezer Family - 7,49 €/month

    • No ads
    • Unlimited music
    • Offline mode
    • 6 profiles
    • Kids-only profiles
  • Deezer HiFi - 9,99 €/month

    • Stream music in lossless quality
    • Also available for great sound systems

Differences with Spotify's subscription plans

  • Spotify Premium - 4,99 €/month

  • Premium for Family - 7,99 €/month

    • 5 profiles


The user interface is not bad at all but it needs some refinements. Perhaps, a completely new Now playing screen without blur and ugly icons would be a great change. Also, the media control notification buttons are enormous, so they should be made smaller. The good - the Flow UI looks very nice with those bold colors and large cards, plus the interface everywhere else is very simple and intuitive. I'd like to see a dark/black theme added in the future.

To summarıze, Deezer seems like a nice competitor in the streaming services business to Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music and Youtube Music. Plus the prices it charges are very competitive.

You can get both of them on TestingCatalog: