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Become the best Tower Defense player ever in this competitive real-time strategy game! Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. Use your tactical skills to build the best deck out of a variety of attacker and defender cards and develop the perfect strategy! ✨😎✨

Enjoy eSports on your phone: Challenge, clash, battle and crush players online in ranked live games and climb the leaderboard up to ten epic leagues in an interactive sci-fi stadium!


  • Play against real-life opponents in an epic, interactive stadium with countless variations
  • Choose up to 5 Towers and 5 Units for your Deck
  • Collect 24 different tower and unit cards with 3 boost stages each
  • Create unique towers and units through a groundbreaking level up selection process
  • Analyze your recent matches with the Replay Function where you can also learn from experienced players
  • Climb up the ladder of ten leagues and become the Tower Duel World Champion
  • Game Balancing is done automatically via an award-winning technology


In the future TOWER DUEL is the most popular live TV show in the world, fulfilling the roles of lawmaker, judge and executioner all in one. It's a perfect model for couch potatoes to participate in politics without all that pesky voting nonsense, really. AND IT'S SPECTACULAR...

Hosted by the enigmatic Maxx King, the man with a thousand hairdos, TOWER DUEL is the only thing people watch. The premise is simple - you build your base while also sending troops to attack the enemy fortifications. "It’s the best thing since sliced bread", said Maxx King, right after sacking the president of the US over some twitter remarks, "It's reality TV, court drama, politics and monster truck racing all in one."

ATTENTION! Maxx King also wants to let you know that this game and the Tower Duel stadium is still under construction during this BETA phase. He's more than excited to hear all your feedback in the Discord Community or via the FEEDBACK BUTTON in the settings screen. 🚧 👷🏻 🚧

While the stadium building process will still take quite some time, this game will receive weekly updates to make Tower Duel the greatest (TV) experience EVER!

✨😎✨ Become the next TD-TV Superstar ✨😎✨

Got any problems 😱 or suggestions 💡?

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We are always happy to hear your ideas and suggestions!

‍😍 Your Tower Duel Team ‍😍

  • Become the best Tower Defense player ever in this competitive real-time strategy game!
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