SUBS™ is our love-letter to all social media junkies & content creators out there. We believe sharing is caring: sharing moments, sharing ideas, and sharing profit.

Our mission is making creative work fun & worthwhile for all creative minds. For us, this means SUBS™ is FREE of charge, FREE of ads and FREE of algorithms. Content Creators are the beating heart of every social community, and we take our beliefs very seriously. Therefore we invented "Creator Shares" which allows us to share our profits with all our verified Content Creators according to their contribution to the Subs™ community.

In this Beta we're testing following functionalities of the SUBS™ social media app:

  • creating & editing own channel
  • subscribing to other channels & topics
  • recording, uploading, editing & downloading of content (photo & video, as permanent posts & 24h stories)
  • viewing, hearting, sharing & commenting of such contents
  • chat with other users inside the SUBS™ app
  • sharing own referral link & earning digital "Creator Shares" (for Creators)

We wish everybody a good time on SUBS™, feel free to contact us anytime for productive feedback.

Love, Your SUBS™ Team

  • SUBS is our love-letter to all social media junkies and content creators out there
Tester's FAQ
1. Download the app from Google Play via the OPT-IN link and start testing!
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