The first free podcast radio player. Just start listening to hours of the best podcasts and radio shows on the topics you love like news, history, science, politics, mindfulness, and more. With Subcast’s curated podcast radio stations, it’s never been easier to listen to your favorite voices and discover new ones without hours of searching.


  • Easy podcast discovery via hand-curated podcast radio stations
  • Topics you’ll love for all of your moods and interests
  • Simple interface for listening while driving, walking, or multitasking
  • Seamless syncing; play stations at home on your Alexa and on-the-go on your phone
  • Gets better the more you listen; we learn your favorites and what you don’t like
  • Audio controls you need; speed control, episode skipping, sharing, and car controls


  • Listen to hours of curated podcast episodes on Subcast radio stations, including Progressive Radio, People Stories, Learn Something, Mindfulness Radio, Daily News and more.
  • Discover the best podcasts hand picked by our curators and community, including those from NPR, The New York Times, Vox and BBC. You’ll never miss the best from Radiolab, Freakonomics, This American Life, The Daily, Planet Money, Freakonomics, Oprah, and many more.
  • Enjoy the easiest podcast interface specifically designed for listening while you are doing other things. Never search or subscribe — just listen, skip, and tell us what you love (and hate).
  • Stations get better for you (and others) the more you listen. We remember what you like, and your stations get better over time for you and the rest of the Subcast community.
  • Listen wherever you are, seamlessly. Subcast stations play at home on your Alexa, and on the go on your iPhone. They pickup where you left off so you never miss a second or hear the same thing twice.


Learn Something – Freakonomics, Hidden Brain, Science Vs, TED Radio Hour, Planet Money Business Builder Radio – How I Built This, Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman, StartUp Podcast Mindfulness Radio – Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations, Good Life Project, 10% Happier Daily News – The Daily from The New York Times, Up First from NPR, Marketplace Morning Report People Stories – This American Life, Dear Sugars, Modern Love, The Moth Progressive Radio – Pod Save America, NPR Politics Podcast, Can He Do That?, FiveThirtyEight Politics

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  • The first free podcast radio player
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