ATTENTION! This game is still in development, so at this time it is only available in English and only for those who acquired the Alpha key on our Indiegogo campaign:

Please be sympathetic about that!

Thank you very much!

Dive deep down into the fantasy. Play Maguss! A premier AR wizarding mobile MMORPG. Cast spells on your smartphone or using the Maguss Wand! Walk to raid dungeons and collect ingredients, study to learn spells, brew potions and fight to earn respect and glory. While the world is a stage, you are the lead actor.

Join the Order and compete for the top spot

Cast mighty spells with your phone or channel magic through Maguss Wand Duel other wizards face to face or choose long distance mode Explore dungeons of the Underworld and embark on exciting quests Battle various creatures all around the globe Capture and tame wild monsters and make them stand by your side Master numerous professions from enchanting to potion brewing Visit long forgotten places and hunt for rare ingredients

  • Cast mighty spells with your phone or channel magic through Maguss
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