Show your hustle and start grinding in this "online entrepreneur" role playing game. Start small and build your wealth by buying and selling goods in online stores. Upgrade your storage to allow you to buy more so you can sell more and make more money.

Hustle Wars is a role playing game where you play as a online entrepreneur and fake-buy fake goods from the most popular online stores. Buy from one and sell it on another for a nice profit or at a loss, the choice is yours. The aim is to make as much money as possible in the limited time available.


You have limited storage to store all your goods while you are waiting to sell it. Luckily you have the option to rent bigger storage for more goods to make more money. Be careful though, some items use more storage space than others.


Watch out for the scammers, they can steal you money or sell you fake goods that will cost you. But don't give up, you just might hit it BIG with that rare item and make tons of cash. Sometimes you might also get fake goods or get duped. Some packages might even go missing.


Saving your money in the bank can prevent you from losing too much money and safeguard your it against hackers or scammers.

Game Options

With 3 levels of difficulty, thing should be interesting.


You have multiple options for days length that you can choose from to give you just that little extra time to make more money.

Hustle Wars is a fun addictive role playing game to pass the time in meetings or that long flight or just something to do while you lay in bed.


Hustle wars does not do real transactions. The products, stores and money in the game are fictional game elements and not to be confused with real products, money, stores or transactions.

  • Show your hustle and start grinding in this "online entrepreneur" role playing game
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