Add your favorite addresses and keep them within easy reach. Always stay inspired for your next outings. If you unexpectedly come across a great place but lack time to drop in, don’t miss the opportunity to discover it later…


Who could be better qualified than your friends and family to recommend an unconventional restaurant, a secret bar, a stunning boutique, or other places you shouldn’t miss out? Share your gold nuggets with your peers and add those of your contacts around the world!


a multitude of categories!

A restaurant, a bar, a café, a shop, a landscape, a monument, a beauty parlor, a gym, a hotel … Classify your addresses according to the categories and come back to them in the blink of an eye.


what if we went out?

Organize an outing with your friends or improvise an event on the spot. Create unforgettable memories with your friends by taking them to your favorite places. Choose an address, write a quick invitation and select the participants from your contact list. It’s just as easy as it sounds! Follow their reply in real-time and chat with the other participants!


an essential tool…

Explorer on a trip anywhere around the world, it’s time to discover your local friends’ best addresses and share new spots you found in exchange! You can even add your points of interest before you leave in order to return to them more easily. Without internet connection at the summit of a vertiginous mountain? Add the point of view to your address book; we take care of synchronizing your data as soon as possible! You can also check out your remote places and secret spots at any time… You are lost somewhere and looking for a hotel, a gas station, or a nearby doctor? Follow the lighthouse!


numerous advantages…


Add your discoveries with a click! You can update or complete your information at any time.


Quickly get back to your favorite addresses in each category, as well as those of your friends.


Invite your friends and family and exchange your favorite locations around the world.


Capture forever the image of places you love in order to recall them at a glance!


A simple and playful user interface, for an intuitive and efficient experience.


What’s the point of having a well-supplied address book if you don’t go to the places to enjoy them? Invite your friends very easily and at any time!


How many times can you remember yourself trying to find a place to hang out and lacking inspiration? What an unpleasant feeling when you can’t remember your favorite addresses! How great would it be if you could easily discover new places that have been recommended by your friends? Throughout our various trips, we have noticed how difficult it can be to share our favorite spots with friends or follow their recommendations as we forget them so quickly. Also, because we realized everyone has a gem hidden down the block that we never paid attention to. More than a simple address book, we have conceived this application exactly how we dreamed it for ourselves, and by always thinking of the user experience first.

  • Add your favorite addresses and keep them within easy reach
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