Play an awesome spider feeding game this Halloween! The main character is the Black Widow, who is sitting in her large spider web. She needs to catch the flies & eat insects. Can you capture flying beetles, bumblebees, wasp, and bugs to feed this scary critter? Feed the Spider is a fun for kids arcade game and it’s also very addictive for adults! Learn about insects from our Random Facts as you progress through the gloomy & dark forest. You can also dress up the Big Bad Spider!

Play Pin the Bugs with this scary Black Widow Spider this Halloween season! This is not just another children’s games but challenging even for adults. The spider’s hands are spinning as she is sitting on her spider web, but you must avoid them. You also need to avoid the captured insects like wasps and bumblebees. Once you’ve got all the bugs & critters, the spider will eat them all and you will pass a level of this fun for kids arcade game. How far can you go into this gloomy dark forest before the Spider catches you?


  • FREE kids arcade game for everyone with Halloween theme.
  • Simple gameplay: just tap to capture the critters and insects and feed them to the Black Widow.
  • Hours and hours of fun with 5000 unique and challenging levels await you in this kids arcade game.
  • Great 2D cartoonish graphic, including 3 game backrounds. Explore the gloomy and dark forest with Black Widow as your companion.
  • Capture 12 types of insects such as mosquitoes, bumblebees, beetles, and other bugs and feed them to the Spider in this children’s game.
  • Learn about spiders and insects from our quotes. There are 450 facts you can read to expand your knowledge about spiders, bumblebees, beetles, bugs, and other critters.

Dress up and groom your Black Widow with over 30 types of accessories.

This kids arcade game might look simple at first, but it gets progressively harder as the Spider will spin more hands and there are more insects to catch. This tap game will challenge your reflex and timing. Even though it’s a fun kids arcade game, adult will also love to play this pin the bugs game.

So why not try Feed the Spider now and see how much fun you will have? It is a FREE game after all!

  • Play Pin the Bugs with this scary Black Widow Spider this Halloween season!
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