Edureka is one of the largest interactive online courses and training platforms. It has emerged as a top destination for professionals who are looking to up-skill themselves in various subjects in the most interactive and efficient way possible. These courses are taught by experts from the industry, in a live, interactive environment. Edureka provides courses that span various industries and technologies, including programming, marketing, finance, data science, project management etc., with new courses being added everyday.

Here are some popular Edureka courses:

  • Hadoop
  • Android development
  • Java
  • Digital Marketing
  • Project management
  • MS Excel ….and many more.

Now you can access Edureka on mobile, anywhere, anytime – Never stop learning! Install Edureka App now and become an expert in your field of choice.

  • Attend live classes through the app
  • Access full learning management system
  • Download session videos and other course content for offline viewing
  • Search, Discover and Buy new courses
  • Engage and participate in learning communities
  • Get 24x7 on-demand support during and after the course
  • Refer friends and family to get discounts
  • Edureka is one of the largest interactive online courses and training platforms
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