drupe Beta releases include new features and bug fixes, as well as cool stuff we'd like to try out before releasing to the general public.

A Beta release is published via the Google Play store, and is available to users who:

  • Are members of 'drupers'
  • Have opted-in to participate in the Beta from the "Opt-in" link below

Whenever a Beta is available, your drupe will be updated automatically from the Play. No need to uninstall your current version.

We believe it is fun to get things ahead of everyone else, and have the ability to provide meaningful feedback directly to the development team. Please note that:

  • Beta version are less stable, and did not complete the normal QA cycle.
  • New features may be only partially working.

We're here to make drupe better. We'd be happy if you'd help us do so.
Get involved, and keep drupin'!

  • We bring your contacts and communication apps together to one place, that’s accessible from all your screens
Tester's FAQ
1. Download the app from Google Play via the OPT-IN link and start testing!
2. Sign up for a weekly Newsletter 📩
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