Listen to your favourite songs with our music streaming service app and discover millions of and artists in every genre; search and explore any playlist or chart you like. Listen to any album, artist or playlist in shuffle mode for free on the mobile music player, and play music and any track on tablet and desktop. Take your personal music preferences on-the go with download and offline listening for premium users.

Enjoy these features:

  • Discover music with Deezer Flow
  • Search through millions of songs, albums, podcasts and radio stations
  • Listen to any playlist you want or create your own
  • Discover podcasts, radio stations, and audio channels
  • Share your personal playlists and audio tunes with others
  • Build your music collection in a single tap with “favourite” or organise your new music by artist or genre
  • Listen to your music anytime on Wi-Fi, mobile data or offline!

Flow - your customised soundtrack

Enjoy a personalised soundtrack with Flow - fresh new sounds you’ll love (and some classic songs you forgot you loved) in one never-ending stream. It’s a one-click experience that plays unlimited music and songs tailored to your personal tastes, and lets you discover brand new music. Start streaming your all-time favourite songs or tracks you had forgotten about, alongside all the best new hits that fit your taste.

Stream any song, album, artist, and genre

Explore the entire Deezer music player and streaming service music catalogue and browse through 53 million tracks you can sort by artist, album, song, playlist or music genre. Search and listen to the latest hits, old songs or the audio track only you know about.

Create unlimited music playlists

Listen to playlists prepared and updated by our Editors, play mixes inspired by your favourite artists and streams, or create your own playlists. Find music or the perfect playlist for a dinner party, a road trip or working out, and pick from all the music you might want to build your life’s soundtrack.

Listen to your music, 100% personalised

Let our Deezer Editors guide your musical experience. Your favourite tracks and genre help us offer you new music and songs recommended by our editors and based on your liking. Choose streaming when online, or download new tunes and listen offline*. The more you listen, the more we learn what you love.

Sing along to your favourite tunes

Keep up with the music and the most popular artists, like Adele, Ed Sheeran, and Beyoncé. Enjoy on-screen lyrics in our music player for new songs, from rap to pop to rock and everything in between.

Ultimate streaming capabilities

Discover endless channels and every kind of music genre. Stream songs on the radio or audio channels, and access your personal favourites such as Indie, Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Rock, Blues and more. Choose a Channel to see a matching collection of playlists, artists, radio stations, new releases and Editor picks and discover every music option available out there!

Create playlists that suit your mood

Easily organise your favourite tracks or newly added music, artists, top albums, music genres, and top tracks. Keep all of your music in one place and take it everywhere and anywhere you go to add some rhythm to your day. Whatever your mood, the Deezer music service has the track!

Listen to music completely for free with ads or get Deezer Premium and:

  • Play music on demand (not shuffle)
  • Rock out to uninterrupted, ad-free music
  • Enjoy an unlimited number of skips
  • Download unlimited new music to listen offline
  • Upgrade your sound quality

Deezer Family

  • Kids-only profiles
  • 6 Premium profiles

Deezer HiFi

  • Stream music in lossless quality
  • Also available for great sound systems

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  • Listen to your favourite songs with our music streaming service app and discover millions of and artists in every genre
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