Get Cortana and never miss a beat! Bring your personal assistant to your phone to help you keep track of important stuff across your devices, wherever you are.

Set a reminder on your PC and she’ll alert you no matter where you are. Missed a call on your phone? She will let notify you on your PC, and help you send a reply text as well. Track your flights, train reservations, stocks, mobile phone bills and other important info. View, edit and manage your interests through Cortana’s Notebook. Have fun in your down time — learn interesting facts, get jokes, and much more. If you need to find an answer, just ask!

Cortana is a true personal assistant who gets to know you so she can help you track the things you’re passionate about - your favorite artist or sports team – thus giving you smarter recommendations.

This is a preview version for Cortana Indian English. You can try out the experience and give feedback at

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