Create your character and send animated messages driven by emojis.

3D CHARACTER CONFIGURATOR: generate and optimize your individual character in order to communicate via your digital surrogate with your family and friends

ACCESSORIES: explore the wardorbe consitsting of countless accessories and costumes to create your own style and stick out from the crowd

MESSAGING: once you have finished your character design you can write a text message or record a voice message and let your character perform it.

EMOJIS: express yourself and create your very own realtime animations by simply using the emoji keyboard

SETS & AR: place your character message into a 3D background or the real world by using the AR camera mode

CONNECT: when you are happy with it, share your 3D character message with the crowd through your favourite messenger or other channels

Beamy is available as beta. Please help us and give us lot´s of Feedback. Thanks very much. You should have an Android 7.0 or higher smartphone with a min. of 4 GB RAM.

  • Create your character and send animated messages driven by emojis
Tester's FAQ
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