Your house may be smarter than you think it is. Not only does this include your own personal devices, but it also includes the devices of other people within your home network—and perhaps those traditionally “dumb” devices such as fridges and light bulbs. With Avira Home Guard, you don’t need to wonder about how smart your home may be. Instead, you can map out the connected devices in your house and the information needed to take remedial security steps.

The Avira Home Guard app provides the following capabilities to users:

Scanning the home network - Avira Home Guard automatically discovers the connected network, and then identifies everything on it. This list includes smart devices, Wi-Fi routers, smart TVs, as well as other computers or smartphones in the house.

Uncovering vulnerabilities - Avira Home Guard scans the router for known vulnerabilities such as open ports. Once identified, Home Guard informs and advises the user to immediately close the unwanted ports on the router.

Remembering all devices - Avira Home Guard has a memory; it remembers all devices that have been connected to the network in the past and automatically looks for new devices.

  • Your house may be smarter than you think it is
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