Make sound recordings at the touch of a button with Aroundsound. Save memories and capture your surroundings using sound.

Keep your recordings safe. Recordings are saved to your device, and if you sign in, then all your recordings will be securely backed-up to our cloud storage.

You can easily edit recordings and crop to save the best bit separately, making it easy to relive your memory.

Sharing your recordings couldn't be easier. You can share a unique link to your sound recording using any of the usual sharing methods (email, WhatsApp, Facebook and many more).

Want to quickly revisit the recordings you have shared, or have been shared with you? They are all saved together in the shared tab for easy access.

The location of your recording will be auto-captured (that's why the app will ask your permission to access your location information).

As a special offering to Early Access users, all features are currently available for free, including fair use of our cloud storage. Enjoy for a limited time only!

Many more developments are planned for this app, including advanced editing, key moment tagging and search, so check back for updates. Please contact us with any comments or feedback:

  • Gurgles and giggles
  • Tall tales and short stories
  • Musical memories
  • And speeches that matter
  • The sound of the seasons
  • The space between words
  • Whatever you hear you can hold it in here.
  • Make sound recordings at the touch of a button with Aroundsound
Tester's FAQ
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