App Description

The only one app where you can find relevant group chat by distance and by interest and solve you problems Create your own group or join existing ones by your interest, or you can find the “group nearby”:

  • school chat
  • university chat
  • chat near your office Sport, music, hobby – find group for any interest in Hive. Hive is universal fee app for sending text messages, photos, for pointing the meetings and meetings’ discussions.

Why use HIVE for group discussion:

  • FREE FOR ANY OCCASION – no paid subscription. Absolutely and forever free!
  • NO SPAM ans NO AD – you get messages only from users your participate in the same group.
  • GROUP CHAT – create group chats with unlimited number of participants. You can create public chats (searchable in Discovery area) and you can create secret chats (accessible only by invitation).
  • MULTIPROFILES - you can be unique for any community.
  • STRUCTURED CHAT – you can create new topics in the group chat. This allows to communicate with a lot of online users without drowning in the flood of messages.
  • NEARBY CHAT – you can discover chats nearby or search them by name.
  • SHARES MESSAGES WITH MULTIMEDIA – you can send pictures, photos, etc.
  • CONFIDENTIAL SETTINGS – you can share or not you number, configure your access settings and filters for incoming messages
  • MEET NEW FRIENDS – search groups to find new friends by interest
  • NOTIFICATIONS – manage your push-notifications. You can turn off notification for selected groups or topics.
  • CROSS-PLATFORM – data for your devices is updated instantly.

HIVE CHAT - is a messenger like WhatsApp, Viber or WeChat, but it is only one chat app whre you can find group chat by map or by name with unlimit number of members, chat with people by interests and use special "topics" to separate different threads inside one group chat (like web forum), and you can use multiprofile system to be unique for any community

  • HIVE is the free and convenient service for group chats
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