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Fabulous - Self Motivation, Meditate, Relax, Sleep Beta

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| Finalist for Google Play’s Best App Award | Editor’s Choice in more than 30 countries | Winner of Google’s Material Design Award

Fabulous will help you reach your goals by training you to be more active so you can eat better, sleep better, lose weight and, most importantly, have the self motivation you need to accomplish whatever you want. Goal setting is powerful because it provides focus and clarity.


Receive science-based training and learn how to break bad habits so you can have a healthy lifestyle, lose weight, keep calm, and fall asleep fast by building new routines in your life.

Begin your journey to healthy living and reach any of your health & productivity goals by following our step-by-step program.

With Fabulous training you every step of the way, you’ll learn about goal setting, healthy living, healthy eating, how to sleep better, losing weight and self motivation by instilling 5 habits that will make you forget about fatigue and low-energy.

This is not just a habit tracker or a quantified self app. Fabulous is a holistic approach, it's your own personal trainer.

Start achieving your new year’s resolution goals on the right foot with personal training from Fabulous.


  • Do you struggle to wake up in the morning?
  • Want to learn what energy foods to add to your diet to keep you awake?
  • Struggling with fatigue and find yourself tired by midday?
  • Want to build an indestructible morning routine?
  • Problem with stress management and keeping calm?
  • Can’t sleep at night because you don’t feel tired?
  • Can't concentrate on a single task because of ADHD?


You'll take your fitness and diet to a new level by using the integrated training: 7-minute scientific workout, mindfulness and vipassana meditation for breathing & anxiety, positive thinking, power nap sessions and a starter stretching for total flexibility. Guided meditations and relaxing music can be started at any time.

You will start by setting your morning routine and then your own personal trainer will offer you personalized advice based on your everyday habits.


  • Smart-targeted health tips for healthy living
  • Scientifically Grounded approach to break bad habits and instill mindfulness into your life
  • Weight Loss Program where you don't have to count calories, inspired by the atkins diet.
  • Your own personal 1:1 personal trainer that will motivate you to get going on your goals!
  • Integrated workout plans for proper motivator
  • If you can't sleep, the app will show you how to fall asleep fast
  • Start by instilling a morning routine and then add other goals to your life


We're always happy to talk with you. Whatever comes to your mind, we want to hear it. Having some problems installing a habit in your life? Want a feature to be added? Something not working as you expected?

Shoot us an email at hello@thefabulous.co

Like us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/thefabulous.co

Follow us on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/thefabstory/

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