App Description

With Docutain, your phone not only becomes a scanner , but you get a complete and secure document management system.

With document recognition and camera shutter release at the perfect moment, perspective correction and intelligent color correction , you get a perfect scan result.

Optional index information when saving such as name, keywords, address, tax relevance , as well as OCR text recognition help in organizing and retrieving your documents.

For maximum security you can use all your data in Docutain with the most advanced encryption methodsencrypt and protect app access with a password. Furthermore, Docutain can be connected to a cloud , such as OneDrive, Dropbox or Google Drive. Doing so can protect your documents from loss and sync with all your devices.

You can export your documents as a PDF file and share them, for example, by e-mail or WhatsApp.

With the desktop version of Docutain (available from June 2018), you'll have even more features to digitize your documents.

With Docutain, you can not only manage documents scanned with the camera, but also images already on your device. These can be easily shared with Docutain, and you have the same editing features as a scan. This also offers you the possibility to convert images into PDF files (jpg in pdf).

Find documents using the detailed search mask , your own criteria or the recognized text in the document. In addition, quick searches are available via keywords or addresses.


Invoices, recipes, insurance documents, and much more can be digitized, managed, and exported as a PDF file using Docutain. Thanks to automatic edge detection and image processing in the best quality.

EDIT Manually

crop, color filter, add, rearrange, remove, or edit pages. Even after saving, these options are still available.


Name, keywords, address, amount and information on tax relevance / tax return. Each document can be provided with additional information when saving. The text of the document is automatically recognized thanks to OCR text recognition.


To protect against loss, you can not only store data locally, but also connect Docutain to a cloud service of your choice and synchronize your data with all your devices. Including the Windows desktop. In addition, the encryption can be activated and the access to the app can be blocked by a password.


Each document can be found using the information provided on the tray. In addition, OCR text recognition enables all documents to be searched for individual terms via the full-text search.

When will Docutain be used?


All important documents can be safely stored and managed with the relevant relevant information in one place.


Which documents were tax-relevant again? Activate the checkbox for tax relevance in the search and find all relevant documents in one go. Never has a tax return gone so fast.


Whether to try out or the old proven favorite recipe . Create your very own cookbook with Docutain.


Exercise sheets, lecture notes, presentations and much more. The bag is hardly portable and the overview is already long lost. Digitize your documents with Docutain instead of dragging heavy bags.

And for a lot more.

With Docutain you conquer every paper mountain!


  • With Docutain, your phone not only becomes a scanner , but you get a complete and secure document management system
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