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Spacethoughts Beta

Beta Update from 09 Aug 2017
From Google+ Community

A fresh update has been released for beta, version 30. The apps functionality in Reminders, Settings and Ui have been improved.

The next couple updates will be focusing on Implementing tag colors and message tab.

Thanks again for your support!

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App Description

Spacethoughts is a note taking, reminding, and reflecting application.

Imagine a personal journal or note pad that reminds you of important entries you've made and on a schedule you dictate. Spacethoughts helps you never forget, record a train of thought, brainstorm new ideas; it can even help you study for a test, write lyrics to a new song, or plan for a party. You'll also be able to share and receive text from the internet or other apps as part of your entry. Spacethoughts could be as simple as a gratitude journal or as complex as the notes for your next new book. Personalize Spacethoughts anyway you want., just tell it when you need to be reminded about anything and how often.

Spacethoughts is for anyone who wants to take notes spontaneously, written or orally. You can just speak into the phone for quick entries, record now and organize later. You can receive reminders of your thoughts and entries based on priority or favorites. You can search and sort your entries based on categories that you designate. All your thoughts and entries are saved on your phone and you can be reminded to revisit them on a schedule that works for you. Spacethoughts allows you to reflect on your goals, experiences, and ideas in an extensive long-term dialog that you control. The more you use it, the more in synch it will be with you.


  • Voice to Text Button
  • Share Thoughts
  • Open/Close Tab Button
  • Filter List Button
  • Multi-Window
  • Thought modification; Tag, Favorite, Add Importance, Set Alarm, Delete Share
  • Modify List; Multi Select, Quick Modify
  • Reminder modification; Turn On/Off, Change Time and Frequency
  • Notifications; Fast Write, General Thoughts, Reminders

All your feedback is appreciated!

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Community Status: Closed
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