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andromeda substratum stock rootless backend 8.0 plus Unreleased

Beta Update from 07 Jun 2018
Version 50,000+
From Google Play

What’s New

Release 22: The link to the YouTube tutorial has been removed thanks to some insane GDPR violation concepts.

Release 21: If your verification fails and are in Russia, due to Russian government blocking many of Google's servers, you will need to run through a VPN to get license to be verified!

With this update, if your Andromeda app closes automatically, we show the warning straight up.

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App Description


PLEASE STAR THIS ISSUE, DO NOT COMMENT! https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/74354703

An add-on to enable rootless mode for stock Android Oreo devices (8.0+) on our main theme engine, Substratum, downloadable here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=projekt.substratum

Thank you to all our testers in making this possible and the people who believed in us enough, you guys were great motivations!

You can obviously root your device and have substratum working perfectly fine in OMS mode (with root), but this will be a gesture of thanks to the team!

You must have ADB installed on your computer, as well as our desktop client to use this app, if you don't, Substratum will close and a notification will show in your status bar!

For direct help (no pirates please, or yellow action bar users): https://t.me/substratum

TestingCatalog Rating: 1
Community Status: Open

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