App Description

Want to buy a new smartphone? Confused on which phone to buy and which not to as there are lots of options available in the mobiles smartphone market. Confusion can be common as there are many mobile companies who make great mobiles are out there and have a bunch of great features to attract the customers. So that you choose the best features for your brand new mobile smartphone and get the best of it we’ve developed this choose my phone app and it will suggest you the latest and new mobile smartphones that meets the specifications for the features that you required.

Don’t worry let us help you with that, you just need to install choose my phone and choose your dream smartphone in just 3 easy steps. Here are the details how you can choose your smartphone.

  1. Select the Mobile Use : Personal Or Business
  2. Select the Start Range and End Range
  3. Select the Features you want in your dream smartphones and rearrange the features as per your priority.

And Tada, Done. Leave the rest to us. We’ll show you the best three smartphones that available in that price range according to the features you selected.

We’ve developed an algorithm that will suggest only those mobiles who have 4 star and 5 star ratings and that are reviewed by lots of users on ecommerce sites like flipkart and amazon and results are accordingly to the price range of smartphone and mobile use that might be varies in personal or business. List of all mobiles phones list is completely curated & well researched. We’ve compared and reviewed around five hundred latest mobiles that launched in the year of 2016, 2017 and 2018. These smartphones have a great reputation in Indian smartphone market and have a great word of mouth from mobile critics and tech gurus as well. We recommend mobiles only from the industry leader companies in Indian market like Apple, Samsung, Motorola, OnePlus, Nokia, Xiaomi, Oppo,Vivo, Infinix, Sony, LG smartphones and these mobiles are all contains basic features like 4g ready, have a great cameras, awesome selfie cameras, great for gaming, good internal storage, large amount of ram(according to range selected), a day or more running battery and latest android OS like oreo, nougat & marshmallow devices and ios Iphones.

If you’re using this app you don’t need to compare the reviews and ratings on the ecommerce sites for phones and not to read the lengthy articles on mobile phone reviews or don’t need to watch lengthy videos on mobile phones reviews. We’ve done all these things for you and recommending you the best and latest smartphones in the Indian market that you can buy without second thought, though personal choice may be vary. You can also use this app to refer or recommend mobile smartphone to your friend, colleague or relative by using this app. So just help a friend by referring or recommending this app to them or suggest the mobile phones accordingly to the features required and price range and device use.

This app is made for the only Indian mobiles market and result will displays the recommended mobile phones that is available in India. This app is also available in hindi version so indian smartphone user can easily relate with this app.

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