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Werewolf Online Unreleased

Beta Update from 11 Aug 2018
Version 0.17.0
From Google Play

What’s New

New: game updates and bug fixes!

- Lovers: see the role of your lover when falling in love
- Suicides: sect leader, lovers and and junior werewolf will not kill others when committing suicide
- Sound: playing different music while in game now works!
- Custom games: talisman are disabled in custom games
- Sect leader: fix sometimes tie game over when converting last member

Got any problems or suggestions? Talk to us on Discord at https://discord.gg/uUkhn9g. We love feedback!

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App Description

If you have played the classic version of Werewolf where everybody sits in a circle, you are going to love the online version of Werewolf! ❤️

This is a very early release of Werewolf Online, so expect some rough edges here in there. At the same time please send us any feedback you have, we love to hear from you! werewolf@bitdroid.de ✉️

Happy hunting! 🐺

TestingCatalog Rating: 14
Community Status: Open

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