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NIO Visual Programming Language IDE Beta

Beta Update from 19 Jun 2018
Version 4.2 and up
From Google Play

What’s New

— Fixed Hotlink create problem.
— Run Applet as service (Beta feature) NIO IDE > open applet in edit mode > Menu(top-right) > Run as service. Monitor running applet services in the notification.

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App Description

Open source software and hardware projects will be released by April 2018 Major update in help of modules and add examples in 7 April

Now, you are able to build your desired executable program as a mobile app in easy steps without need any additional applications installed on your smart phone. Sketch your idea in the mind, and at the moment, design it by NIO as a propriety software! For Instance, you can create an encrypted live chat system with your friends, capable of sending arbitrary data as well as text messages. Moreover, you can send your documents with a devised format titled, .nio format, by the common social networks, E-mails or messengers. Due to the power of nio format encapsulating different information, your colleagues receive text, great charts and etc. by just a few clicks. NIO also provides you with such an astonishing tool for designing an interactive catalogue attracting your customers’ attention not only because of stylish texts and figures, but also due to viewing multimedia promotions. Thus, you fabricate a live feedback framework of your products while doing your best design by simply manipulating NIO software. Your buddies and your robots! You will be surrounded by intelligent devices, ready to listen your orders. Meaning that shared chat environment, comprising your friends and smart obedient machines, comes true by NIO. Really, sharing of devices is an impressive idea. Hardware connection With NIO, well-known hardware modules such as Raspberry PI, ESP8266 and Arduino UNO can be controlled by smart phones, while commands are sent from anywhere at any time, giving you power what you would like to do. For instance, smart greenhouse or pet food system may be built plainly as well as a monitoring mobile app.


  • Set of practical modules to be implemented Cloud features, Ethernet protocol, BLE , WiFi and USB communication.
  • Set of UI modules including List views, different type of charts, maps and functional elements.
  • Set of analysis modules such as mathematical and logical calculation modules.
  • Set of data related modules supporting String, JSON format and clusters.
  • Set of processing modules comprising Signal and Image processing ones.
  • At last but not least, set of modules compatible with Restful Web Services.

Improve your business opportunities.

NIO boosts your speed of both prototyping and manufacture a novel product, since all complicated sections are previously implemented. User Interface of your app is also available with help of embedded Android and Android Things platforms thanks to NIO features. Hence, you have only challenge on your market not on the excruciating design of your product.

Have a fun

Building a remote control car might be a fascinating idea for entertainment of everyone. This would be commonplace by connecting two DC motors and a simple WiFi module, while it is controlled over your mobile phone running based upon your voice commands!

Surprise your guests

By NIO voice recognition, you utilize magical voice commands and indoor devices comply them accordingly. You can do awesome work in your party. Become a developer with lots of resources There are many hardware modules that can receive and send data over wireless networks and the Net. These are potential candidates to be utilized by NIO with some straightforward steps.

Security is the main issue

The NIO has benefited from a new inventive framework in order to improve access and security challenges. Channels are responsible for connections between Nodes and Users, in NIO world. You may specify accesses to channels for your friends by just one click. Moreover, these channels are managed by the services. Surprisingly, you have a comprehensive control over services and channels by the provided panels.

  • Now, it’s your turn…

The services and features of NIO are updated. Update the app regularly to discover new specifications.

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Community Status: Open

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