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Monstar Training Workouts and Meal Plan Guide Beta


App Description

Great Personal Training App that is updated weekly with Workout Plans, Meal Plans, Training Videos, Bodybuilding and Powerlifting news and much more. Workout Plans are updated every week for a new fresh set of workouts for the Week. Train like a Monstar Become a Monstar Today.


Our App has a database of the workouts that it's creator Mikey_Monstar is currently using on his way to his ProCard. Workout along side him with his workouts. Workouts will change weekly. The app also has a database of all the exercises recommended by Monstar Training. So if you need to look up an exercise for another workout, our database will have the steps on how to perform the exercise as well as photos and/or videos.

Meal Plans:

Our app also has a database of Meal Plans for all types of needs from loosing weight, to gaining strength and even a healthy maintenance diet plan. We will be adding more and more meal plans weekly.


We will upload recipes as much as we can and we will dedicate a section of our app to Weekly Recipes to help keep those diet recipes and healthy meals fresh. Not only will this help your meal prep but will also help you find out what works for you as you find out which recipes are the easiest for YOU to make and eat.

Training Videos:

We will upload Monstar Training's workout videos here as examples of our workouts and so you can visually see the movements performed by the app creator himself.

Meal Prep Videos:

We will also have great recommendations and videos of all types of meals from healthy snacks to dinners. All types of foods will be showcased from fish, chicken, meat to even some veggie only meals.

Mobility Videos:

We will be teaming up with Mobility Professionals to provide very detailed mobility videos. Learn how to get those tight muscles loosened for maximum potential during your major lifts. Learn how to keep the body from breaking down with mobility work.

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