App Description

A private personal organizer that enables you to view your tasks, calendar and existing contacts in one place. Stay on top of all your responsibilities in life. The one app you will want on your quick launch bar!

If you have incomplete todo lists, and want a simple organizer that will keep you motivated to get through your day, then welcome to Personizer.

Categorize your own tasks by person.

If you have a todo task you're responsible for but involves another person because;

  • you are responsible to make sure they do it OR
  • you are responsible to them that you do it OR
  • you are meeting with them OR
  • it involves them in any way

.... then simply categorize the task with the person's name. Now you have a visual organizer that gives you very personalized categories, and instant organization and faster access to communications as the task unfolds towards completion. And can link it into a new event on the calendar or set alarm. This creates a natural workflow: Who (else is involved) -> What (task needs to be done) -> When is it due (calender or alarm reminder).

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  • Stay focused on customer needs while getting your stuff done

  • Contact people instantly while working on tasks, seamless & contextual to what your working on.

  • It's like a dynamic rolodex merged into your daily task list

  • See what other tasks need to be done with them.

  • Work in the order you want.

  • Find upcoming appointments with a person fast . No more searching through the calendar for that person.

  • View a complete schedule of upcoming appts and tasks in Table view.

  • See what is overdue instantly.

  • Focus on what is important for today.

  • Mark tasks as done and let others know instantly , to stop the nagging.

  • Never call the wrong contact again because you forgot their last name.

  • Make a better use for the contact photo field through visual organizing.

  • Jump to the contacts profile and drive to their location, email or call them .

  • Simple traffic light Color coding Based on deadline from calendar or alarm .

  • Standardize your personal organiser no more scattered hard to remember categories forgetting where you filed that info.

  • Keep up with your own solo tasks .

  • Be properly prepared for meetings or appts, through longer notes, pictures and centralised personal organisation.

So who could use the app?

  • Every human.
  • Small businesses.
  • Mobile mechanics
  • Personal trainers.
  • Social organizers.
  • Parents to manage their kids stuff. Anyone who deals with people on a regular basis


  1. Does the app use it's own calendar? No, it uses your existing calendar (google, microsoft,etc.) but it can copy tasks onto the calendar and it will track them , so you can link a task to a calendar event. For example, you might want to remind yourself to buy a present for someone before attending the birthday party. So the task is 'buy present' for , and then copy the task into a calendar event, rename even to 'birthday party for ' and now Personizer will track that calendar event and the two items are linked under a single task entry. The task alarm occurs before the calendar event alarm and Personizer unifies the process; person, task, calendar - in one place.

  2. Does it misuse any of my contact data? No. The contacts data is used as a category, in the same way you might create labels (or folders) for your email. The tasks are categorized according to the person you select from your contacts OR without as 'General tasks'. Never ever does the app contact that person. The app is only a personal organizer so it's not for group or collaboration.

  3. Where is my data stored? It is only stored on your phone, so it is private and secure. No one else can see your data, not even us.

  4. Does it have repeating tasks? not yet, we're working on it.

  5. Is it web enabled? not yet, we're working on it.

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  • A private personal organizer that enables you to view your tasks, calendar and existing contacts in one place
Tester's FAQ: Download the app from Google Play via the OPT-IN link and start testing!