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nTask - Task Management for teams Unreleased

Beta Update from 16 Apr 2018
Version 1.01
From Google Play

What’s New

• Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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App Description

nTask for Android is here! 😍

nTask is your personal assistant to keep track and collaborate on the go. nTask is an easy-to-use task management tool for your Android device and it’s free for everyone. 😎

Start using nTask for Android and streamline day-to-day activities, tasks and projects. With a simple interface and a variety of features, it is the easiest way of managing daily workloads for you and your team while on the move.


Task Management: Use nTask as your personal to do list app or as a sophisticated task manager for your team – depending on what you need. 📝

  • Create and manage tasks and assign them to existing projects
  • Prioritize, clone and archive tasks
  • Use checklists to ensure completion of important steps in a task
  • Collaborate using task comments on the move
  • Set color tags for your tasks as required
  • View project activity log to keep track of all activities
  • Set reminders for your tasks
  • Set frequency for your tasks

Project Management: Translate Agile Project Management into your work through nTask – your go-to, free project management software. 🏃

  • View project status and all the projects assigned on nTask
  • Get notification reminders for all project updates on the go

Meeting Management: Use nTask as your meeting planner or event coordinator and keep track of all your important meetings and events, effortlessly.

  • Create meetings with predefined agenda
  • Schedule events with notifications and reminders
  • Record meeting minutes and define follow up tasks
  • View a list of meetings created through nTask to stay updated

Team Management (coming soon!): Take teamwork up a notch through nTask – your team management app on the go. 🤝

  • Create and manage teams for projects and tasks
  • Assign tasks to team members and track progress
  • Share files and documents with your team
  • Collaborate with your teams through task comments
  • Define team roles based on a defined hierarchy
  • Confidently manage billing and payment for your team

Time Tracking (coming soon!): Choose nTask Timesheets for employee time tracking and managing payroll.

  • Create multiple timesheets for multiple teams
  • Log hours, review, approve and maintain timesheets
  • Track past timesheets as required

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