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Homesmatch - Home Maker Unreleased

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Beta Update from 21 Mar 2018
Version 1.0

What's New

- Varied UI tweaks and bug fixes.

App Description

Home Maker is a user-friendly interior and floor plan designer, allowing you to easily create, design and furnish a house to your tastes and needs.


Plan & Design - Drag-and-drop room templates and furniture to quickly prototype and develop your ideas into a finished home. Customize preset rooms with additional details and walls to fully encapsulate your ideas.

Furnish & Customize - Customize everything from your floors and wallpapers, to quickly changing the colour of furniture.

Navigate Your Floor Plan in 2D & 3D - View your design in an traditional floor-plan format, or switch to 3D to easily pan and rotate the camera to view your house from all angles.

Free Content & Content Updates - Hundreds of furniture models available from launch, with content planned for the future that will also be provided completely free.

Share Your Vision - Show your friends and family your ideas by quickly posting snapshots of your floor-plan onto social media.

Share With Homesmatch - Homesmatch is a company that specializes in matching people and families to their dream home.

From buying & selling, to building new houses or renovating existing homes, Homesmatch offers a unique service for those looking to purchase their dream home.

Follow Us: https://www.facebook.com/homesmatch/

Beta Tester Queries: henry.wildmn@gmail.com

TestingCatalog Rating: 4
Community Status: Open

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