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TopPlay Unreleased

Beta Update from 06 Jul 2018
Version 1.27
From Google Play

What’s New

Most people enjoy some level of sport during adolescence. Come adulthood, we immediately stop playing sports because there:

1) Is not enough time
2) No one to play with
3) You can’t make any money

TopPlay introduces MICRO SPORTS

- Capture your play
- Compete with users around the world
- Earn coins for the attention you drive

Are you ready to start keeping score again?

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App Description

TopPlay is a social video platform that allows users to "Shoot something into anything"

  • An apple into a trashcan
  • A football at a stop sign
  • A gummy bear in your mouth

The user decides!

Users get 3 chances every hour to execute, upload and compete to be the best video of the day!

TestingCatalog Rating: 3
Community Status: Open

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