App Description

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With its smart project planning, tracking & issue management features, Tiny Issue Tracker is a free, simple, yet powerful tool for management of problems, tasks, and ideas during the realization of any project…. all from your smartphone. Forget about the complicated project management & planning software – Tiny Issue Tracker gets more done while enabling you enjoyably smooth UI and smart task and problem management functionalities.


Tiny Issue Tracker is focused on the fast and simple recording of a task, problem request or idea and its realization progress. With a simple tap & entering few details, this project organizer app can help you manage issues & track progress on each separate issue you’ve entered.

  • Tap “+” and get things done or manage project issues!


TIT is well suitable for both personal use and professional teams that need to cooperate intensively and continuously monitor the changes in project implementation. With its project management task list interface, you will have a clear overview of yours and your teams work.

  • TIT will be of enormous help no matter if you work alone or in a team


As a neat project planning and management tool – TIT is suitable for wide array of different personal or professional projects. No matter if you are rebuilding your bathroom, organizing sports games, arranging a move from one place to another, creating a new product with your team or you just want to have your tasks in order.

  • Plan, manage or track personal or professional projects


As both personal projects planning app & team project collaboration app, TIT lets you create a project or a general topic on which you want to work or cooperate. Each project is briefly characterized by name and description. But you can also keep a comprehensive documentation using a shared Markdown document.

When you create a new idea, task or issue, you can set up a variety of attributes:

  • Name and description
  • Type
  • Priority
  • Target date
  • Status
  • Visibility

The issue can be assigned to team members & can be tracked by the project' watcher (eg future user).

TiT records the history of each task, changes to its attributes & eventual discussion related to the task.


  • Organize smarter

TIT is based on latest technologies and therefore it allows you to be in the picture permanently and to know the changing state of your project. Any changes are visible to all team members immediately. Key events (such as assigning a task to a team member) are even sent to the user as a notification, even if the application is turned off.

  • Simple is better

All the system works on mobile devices without any dependencies on server. You just install the app, create a project and share it with your colleagues. IT means that TIT is also suitable for a small and fast project which do not require an installation of well-known but too complex systems. The UI is pleasant & organizing your personal or team tasks is extremely easy, yet filled with great project organizing, tracking & planning features. This also makes TIT great for your commercial projects.

  • Plan without having an account

Thanks to its easy operation, it will find its use both in professional work and in personal and family planning. Everybody can handle it. In addition, if you do not need to share your project, you can use TIT anonymously, without creating an account. It’s indeed a hassle-free & powerful project plan, task tracking & issue management tool!

This enables you to try TIT out, easily and tentatively for any type of project, without registration. Organize better, manage issues & collaborate on ideas. Get more done in a simple & efficient way all from your smartphone… Download & use TIT completely for FREE

  • With its smart project planning, tracking & issue management features, Tiny Issue Tracker is a free, simple, yet powerful tool for management of problems, tasks, and ideas during the realization of any project
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