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Life Simulator Unreleased

Beta Update from 25 Jul 2018
Version Varies with device
From Google Play

What’s New

- Lodge all your cash in the bank with a single click!
- There is tax on real estate now, not too funny...
- Fixes

- Actor added
- UI fixes for small screens

- You can now be a newsreader
- Bugfixes and small changes

- Added a few jobs and real estate items
- Ui improvements
- Bugfixes

- A few new jobs added
- Large performance improvements
- bugfixes

- IT jobs added
- Fixed some bugs

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App Description

Life simulator, a game about your virtual pocket beggar.

You start out on the streets, barefoot without money. Your job is to make money, either the good way or the bad. Start earning some money for education or other items in the shop. Earn more money by doing better jobs. Slowly climb the ladder of success. Watch your food and health or die.

  • Climb the ladder of success in this life simulator
  • Educate yourself and do better jobs
  • Buy lodging, weapons or transport options
  • Store your cash safely in a bank
  • Grow rich
  • Play and get all achievements

NOTE: This app is still in beta, it will become better over time

To come in the near future:

  • A settings screen to see stats and restart the game
  • Loans and offcourse a payoff system
  • Design and navigation improvements
  • A way to revive if you are dead
  • Much more

Feedback and suggestions are appreciated Email me at bart.oudkerk@gmail.com

Icons by Freepik from www.flaticon.com

TestingCatalog Rating: 8
Community Status: Open

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