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Discogs - Catalog & Collect Beta

Beta Update from 10 Aug 2018
Version 2.20
From Google Play

What’s New

- Support for "Seller not Responding" process
- Improvements to VinylHub integration
- Explore view layout improvements
- Changes to the login/logout handling
- New detailed browsing of trending releases
- Improvements for setting shipping address
- More item details to Seller's Order view
- Better handling for users without activated accounts
- Improved Master Release year and format handling
- Fixed a bug with digital release listings
- Improvements to friends list layout

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App Description

The Official Discogs App is the best way to catalog your music collection, find your grail, verify pricing, and discover new music in the world’s largest discography of physical music.

"It’s (officially) time to take your Discogs habit mobile. Discogs has completely revolutionized record collecting." -The Vinyl Factory

Catalog Your Collection

  • Add and remove items from your Discogs Collection on the go.
  • Check to see if you already own a record before you buy.
  • Use your phone's camera to search for a release by the barcode.

View Marketplace Pricing

  • Access to the Discogs Marketplace price-range and sales history right at your fingertips
  • View your Collection's estimated value

Add to your Wantlist

  • Track your grail by adding it to your wantlist

Discover New Music

  • Search the database and discover new music from anywhere!
  • Search VinylHub for record stores all over the world!

Join our Community!

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  • Twitter: www.twitter.com/Discogs
  • Blog: www.discogs.com/blog/

For Feedback and Help

  • Tell us how we can improve by sharing your thoughts: app@discogs.com
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Community Status: Open

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