App Description

This app is for you if you have liked many Facebook pages and find it difficult to follow your ‘likes’. If you felt like you are missing many interesting photos and videos are missed among other silly post, this app is for you. You will love this app if you want to download videos from your Facebook pages for personal reference and watching it offline. If you don’t know how to share videos and photos from Facebook to your friends on other social media like Instagram [repost from Facebook ], whatsapp, tumbler, reddit, must install it right now.

My liked pages is the app to solve your problems on your videos and images on your liked Facebook pages.

Key features of the app

  1. Ultimate Facebook page viewer and downloader– a well organised liked page manager for Facebook
  2. Select up to 5 pages from all pages you liked on Facebook to start with.
  3. Check update for your favourite page any time you like and never miss their post.
  4. If you like the post, let it be image or video, download and save it for offline viewing.
  5. Downloaded photos and videos are stored under the album ‘mylkedpages’ in your gallery.
  6. Share images with your friends on any social media. Instagram repost, whatsapp share, gmail, Reddit link share, tumbler post, Pinterest board etc
  7. Share the video link shorted to your friend to reduce your data usage.
  8. Share about us on Facebook and unlock one more liked pages on Facebook
  9. share us on other social media and get a surprise bonus
  10. Ultimate app to download Facebook videos from any Facebook page

Instructions to use this app

  1. Log in with your Facbook accont
  2. The app populate the pages you have liked. choose up to 5 pages you want to follow and click save
  3. open the menu and click the pages you want to check the update
  4. click tab ‘images’ to view images from selected page
  5. click tab ‘videos’ to view videos from that page
  6. touch on the image / video to enlarge it to full screen
  7. click the share button on the image to share to any social media- image downloaded and shared
  8. click on the share button on video to share video as a link to Instagram, Whats app, Tumbler etc
  9. click download button to download image or video to your mobile for offline viewing
  10. access the album ‘mylikedpages’ from gallery to view downloaded videos and photos


  1. This app does not collect or share any of your information.
  2. This app is NOT affiliated with by the Facebook or endorsed by their official network.
  3. Any unauthorized re-uploading/share or downloading of contents and/or violations of Intellectual property rights is the sole responsibility of the user.
  4. This app is intended to be used by people aged 13+
  5. Content shown in this app is from the facebook pages. we do not hold any responsibility of the content appearing to you
  6. Please give due credit to the author / page for your usage
  7. By downloading and using this app you are agreeing to abide by the instructions mentioned in ‘notes’ here
  • This app is for you if you have liked many Facebook pages and find it difficult to follow your likes
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