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Journey - Diary, Journal beta

Beta Update from 16 Aug 2018
Version Varies with device
From Google Play

What’s New

- Improved Diaro import
- Added passcode time out
- New permission required: Microphone. Allow "Microphone" permission to record audio and attach to your journal entry.
- Attach Mp3 Audio to entry
- Record via microphone and attach to entry

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App Description

Embark on the journey of self-improvement towards better qualities of love, life and health. Record your daily events, secret, gratitude, and relive those moments in Journey. Trusted by millions of users, Journey is your perfect journaling companion that keeps your private memories for a lifetime.

Future-proof digital journal. Designed to keep journal last forever, Journey gives you full control of your private diary by storing them in Google Drive sync.

Bring your memories anywhere. Sync journal across multiple platforms. Write on-the-go with Android and iOS, or settle down comfortably at home and type on Chromebook, Mac and Windows devices.

Grow your journaling habit. Journey's simple and beautiful diary interface encourages you to write more.

Effortless journaling. Keeping a diary is easy with Journey; add photos or video and pen your thoughts. It does the rest by adding weather and places to journal entry automatically.

Relive moments beautifully. View your journal in timeline, revisit places shown in map, travel back to the past with calendar and review what you did last year with Throwback.

Private diary with PIN. Keep secret diary with PIN - enable password and fingerprint locking.

Versatile journaling. From fitness to gratitude, customise journal to suit your preferences by connecting to Google Fit and inspiration prompt.

Share moments with friends and family. Update your loved ones by publishing journal entry to social media.

Import and export journal into various formats. Import entries from Diaro, Evernote and DayOne. You can also export diary to Word docx and print to PDF.

Please note that you'll need to upgrade to premium version to enjoy all features in the app.

Also available for

  • iOS: https://goo.gl/yEee4d
  • ChromeOS: http://goo.gl/yLUKg2
  • Web: https://www.journey.cloud
  • PC: http://goo.gl/5Z0nZt
  • Macintosh: http://goo.gl/KH6PgN

Permissions Required

  • ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: Determine precise location to retrieve places and weather
  • READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Import diary entry
  • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Export and share journal entry
TestingCatalog Rating: 7
Community Status: Open
Beta Community: Membership could be required to get an access to the beta

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