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Papumba Academy - Games for Toddlers and Kids Beta


Beta Update from 27 Apr 2018
Version 1.0
From Google Play

What’s New

We have added 3 NEW Music Games:
- Play the piano
- Enjoy the xylophone
- Rock hard with drums!
Find them on the Music Island ;)

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App Description

Papumba Academy is the app preferred by children ages 2 to 6 worldwide for learning while playing.

With Papumba Academy, children have access to a world of knowledge simply by playing and having fun. They can learn about animals, the alphabet, numbers, music, drawing and much more.

Do you enjoy watching your son or daughter laugh, have fun and learn while playing? Try Papumba Academy now and be amazed to see how they’ll learn new things every day. Thousands of children play with Papumba at home every day!

Play and learn with your mobile phone or tablet, even without internet. Ideal for car trips, waits and places to eat!

Discover and play while learning:

  • Animals
  • The alphabet
  • Numbers
  • Logic and memory games
  • Art
  • Songs
  • Family moments (games designed for parents and children to share)
  • And much more!

Designed by early education experts, Papumba Academy will be your ideal ally in keeping your child learning and entertained. It’s completely safe for children!

Papumba Academy Features

  • Papumba Academy is a subscription service. Try it free for 7 days and cancel any time.
  • Get new educational games, videos and songs every week!
  • You can change the language so your child learns another language. There are over 18 languages available!
  • Give your child the opportunity to develop in a stress-free learning environment that will allow them to learn at their own pace.

Love Papumba?

  • Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/papumbagames
  • Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/papumba_ok
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Community Status: Open

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