App Description

Use your voice to go to your favorite TV channel. Say "Alexa, turn on the TV" to power on your TV and Soundbar., using Eddy Voice Remote Scenes Skill. Control Multiple Controllers by saying the Room name after the action, for instance say, "Watch TV in Living Room" to call the activity of "Watch TV." Learn new Infrared (IR) codes by saying Start Learning Mode, using Eddy Voice Remote Skill.

This app is designed to connect your local Global Caché controller(s) to Eddy Voice Remote. It also supports Roku or HTTP devices. Eddy Voice Remote is a Software as Service and requires paid membership to use; there is a 2 month FREE trial you can use to sign up and test.

Hardware Requirements You need to have an Amazon Alexa and any of the following:

  • Any Roku device or TV
  • Direct TV with Remote Network Support Enabled
  • Panasonic TV with Remote Network Support Enabled
  • Any Tivo with Remote Network Support Enabled
  • Global Caché compatible controller. **

** A Global Caché compatible controller that supports sendir API Calls . The compatible devices are:

  • Global Cache iTach Series (IP2IR, IP2SL, IP2IR-P, IP2SL-P, WF2SL, and WF2IR)
  • Global Cache Flex Series (IP, IP-P, and WF)
  • Global Cache GC-100 Series (06, 12, 18, 18R)

You can Sign up for a FREE 2 Month trial here:

IMPORTANT: Your phone's Wi-Fi needs to ALWAYS stay on during sleep for it to receive commands. Also, if your phone has trouble sending signals then turn off battery optimization for this app in Android Settings > Battery Optimization

  • Use your voice to go to your favorite TV channel
Tester's FAQ: Download the app from Google Play via the OPT-IN link and start testing!
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