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Birthdays for Android beta

Beta Update from 07 Jun 2018
Version 3.2.3
From Google Play

What’s New

The translations for several languages have been updated. Thanks for your help!

When using the Facebook sync, you can now sign out within our app to disconnect your account. This allows you to sync with another account after that, for example.

Several minor improvements have been added.

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App Description

This free app for Android reliably reminds you of your friends' and family's birthdays. Thus you will never forget an important day anymore, be sure! Just try it - it's easy as pie!

You want to be punctually reminded on the birthday? Or do you prefer some days in advance? No problem at all - just enter your friends' and colleagues' birthdays into the contacts list - ready is your personal calendar! Of course, you can just as well add people who are not in your address book.

Put the next birthdays right on your home screen - with one of four widgets, in different sizes and designs. Send your wishes simply via text message or call your friend on their birthday right from this app. Even Chinese and Western zodiac signs are no problem anymore with this app.

In your normal calendar app, it's easy to lose track of the birthdays, due to all the other appointments and entries. This app simplifies everything! Thus you will always know which day of the week your friends and colleagues will celebrate the next time - and how many days are left until that date.

The app synchronizes all birthdays with your contacts list and offers you secure backups of all dates to the external storage. This way, your birthdays will never be lost - and they can be easily transferred to a new device later. Definitely, this is the simplest solution if you don't want to miss any of your friends' important days anymore: Just try it and use it for free! Without ads. Easy and clear. Everything in one app.


  • Read and write contacts: for displaying and editing all your friends' birthdays right in the app
  • Internet access: for importing birthdays from Facebook and looking for great gifts online
  • USB storage: for importing and exporting all birthdays to external storage
  • Run at startup: for setting up the reminders after your device has been restarted

Privacy Policy: Your personal data is 100% safe. Promise! Any personally identifiable information will only be transferred from or to your device if you explicitly ask for it, i.e. when you import birthdays from Facebook or if you enable online synchronization.

Can I import birthdays from Facebook? Yes, they will all be on your device with just a few clicks.

Help translate this application to your language: http://www.birthdays.cc/translate

Thanks to:

  • all our translators (see full list in app)
  • http://www.birthdays.cc/credits
TestingCatalog Rating: 2
Community Status: Open

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