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Introducing the Fitari Fitness Alarm Clock, this innovative app will make sure to get you out of your bed in the morning! (Beta-Version)

The unique feature of this alarm clock app is that the only easy way to turn it off is to stand up and do a number of fitness activities. The motion sensors in your smartphone help detecting your movements.

Fitari makes it easier to wake up by making you do some exercise to turn off the alarm clock. You can choose as many alarms as you want, decide on which days of the week they should be active, and which activities you want to do after stopping the alarm.


→ Set an unlimited amount of alarms

→ Set an alarm on a specific day of the week (e.g. alarms that are only active on the weekend or on work days)

→ Use a progressive alarm - it will start silent and get louder until it reaches the maximum volume (in one and a half minute)

→ Set your own music for an alarm

→ Wake up and work out! Choose from eight different types of activities you can do in the morning.

→ Write a motivational morning message you'll see after finishing the alarm activities!

→ Choose one of five different text fonts in the settings

→ Use a vibration(+sound) alarm or just use your alarm sound

→ Choose to do the alarm activities one after another or in a random order

→ Press the time on the home screen of Fitari to see a bedclock

→ Or hover over the top of your phone to get a very detailed clock.

→ You can wake up more comfortably during a light sleep phase - Fitari's sleep cycle tracking feature will measure your sleep movements and wake you up if it detects a lot of movement!

→ To use this feature, press the "Start sleep" button and place your phone close to you on your mattress

→ Set a "REM sleep time" between 30 minutes and 2 hours, which is the time before your first alarm that Fitari will use to look for light sleep phases

→ Choose a larger sensitivity value (e.g. 95% instead of 90%) for the sensors for harder mattresses

→ If you want to wake up outside of a light sleep phase, choose "Remember dreams" instead of "Sleep well" - this will make it more likely that you wake up during a deep sleep phase and remember a dream. It isn't recommended to use this feature more often that twice a week. Because of that, this feature will automatically be turned off after being used successfully.

→ A detailed statistic showing your sleep movements will automatically be stored on your phone

→ You can choose to view, delete or export it to the Fitari sleep manager (PC program)

→ If you want to view it on your phone, the feature "Smart Zoom" will automatically present the statistic in a more user-friendly way. You can turn it off or on in the settings.

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  • Introducing the Fitari Fitness Alarm Clock, this innovative app will make sure to get you out of your bed in the morning!
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