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Mia Contacts - A guide to people you know beta


Beta Update from 06 Jan 2018
From Google Play

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Bug fixes and reliability improvements.

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App Description

Mia Contacts organizes the contacts in your address book and makes it easier to reach who you know by what they know. It’s a visual guide to your contacts sorted by things like location, school, company and interests.

View Contacts Don’t know which phone or email is current? Your phone has all of your closest contacts both old and new intermingled. Mia Contacts helps you see who and what is missing without the clutter.

Message Contacts Want to find out where all the action is? Search tags for individuals and groups in just a few clicks. It’s the fastest way to group and send messages to multiple people.

Tag Contacts Play tag with everyone you know or let Mia Contacts automatically do it for you.


  • Auto update, retires old emails
  • Auto merge, combines multiple files for same contact
  • Auto cleans, removes duplicate files
  • Search groups or individuals by skills, schools, cities and companies
  • Auto tag contacts with address book information
  • Works offline

  • Featured in Techcrunch on Oct 24, 2017

Mia Contacts is built by Trimian. Our apps have been featured in USAToday, Washington Post, Financial Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, Vox, Mashable, The New York Times and more.

CONTACT US We’d love to hear from you. Download Mia Contacts and send us a message or email us at support@trimian.com

TestingCatalog Rating: 3
Community Status: Open

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