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Pure Gallery beta

Beta Update from 16 Aug 2018
Version Varies with device
From Google Play

What’s New

Nested Folders(beta): You can view the folder structure on your storage
New Themes: Red, Purple, Pink. Also, renamed the themes...so we will be losing existing theme selction
Bug fixes and optimizations

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App Description

A gallery with material design, minimalistic UI and fluid animations to enhance your experience. Supports all major formats of images, gifs and videos.


  • Grid View (use media's aspect ratio or square thumbnails)
  • Manage hidden folders
  • FingerPrint authentication to protect folders
  • Tag media files
  • Exclude/hide folders
  • Crop Images

This application is in beta - V0.8: Milestone: V - 0.9

  • SDCard Write Support. At the moment, managing media on SDCard is not supported...SDCard content is Read-Only.
  • Optimize media scan time.
  • Enable 32-bit decoding for Alternate decoder.
  • Brightness control while viewing media.
  • Orientation change options : rotate based on device settings or media dimensions.
  • Pull up to dismiss media viewer.
  • Include third-party licenses.
  • More themes

Milestone: V - 1.0 release

  • Translations.
  • Redesign App Icon.
  • Redesign Graphic icon on store listing.
  • Pin verification.
  • Ability to tag albums.
  • Implement ExoPlayer for video playback.


  • Don't access features inside the app when a media scan is in progress.
  • Timeline from the left navigation drawer is the "All Media" section
  • You need to "update location information" from settings for the location information to be fetched for the images(useful for grouping them).

***Known bugs:

  • Excluding parent folders not possible. Only the selected folder is excluded.
  • For devices before Nougat, media added to new folder is not available until a media scan is run. Workaround is to select the new folder from Settings>Include Album
TestingCatalog Rating: 4
Community Status: Open

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