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Superpod beta - Give and receive awesome advice

Beta Update from 18 Jul 2018
Version Varies with device
From Google Play

What’s New

We've added more vibrant community member profiles, and some fun ways to invite friends to your pods!

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App Description

Superpod connects you to advice you can trust from our "pods" of experts. Get answers from our community of more of 40 pods, including experienced "runners", world-class "weightlifters", intrepid "hikers", adventurous "travelers" and more.

Rather be helpful instead? Browse hundreds of interesting questions asked every day. Earn points when you provide a helpful answer and badges when you get to the top of your "pod"!

Here are some other features that make Superpod the best way to get advice!

  • No need to search for answers. Get responses sent to you in minutes.

  • Don't worry about outdated info. Questions on Superpod expire after 24 hours so you can trust that all answers are fresh.

  • Superpod has a high-quality, invite-only community. Every member on Superpod had to apply to join, which helps build our knowledgeable and friendly community.

  • Break out of your bubble. Get diverse perspectives from people from all walks of life! On Superpod, you will meet doctors, lawyers, musicians, chefs, and more.

  • Superpod is like a RPG for knowledge. As you answer questions, you build experience and level up in your pods. Show off what you know with cool rewards and badges!

TestingCatalog Rating: 3
Community Status: Open

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