App Description

Superpod connects you to advice you can trust from our "pods" of experts. Get answers from our community of more of 40 pods, including experienced "runners", world-class "weightlifters", intrepid "hikers", adventurous "travelers" and more.

Rather be helpful instead? Browse hundreds of interesting questions asked every day. Earn points when you provide a helpful answer and badges when you get to the top of your "pod"!

Here are some other features that make Superpod the best way to get advice!

  • No need to search for answers. Get responses sent to you in minutes.

  • Don't worry about outdated info. Questions on Superpod expire after 24 hours so you can trust that all answers are fresh.

  • Superpod has a high-quality, invite-only community. Every member on Superpod had to apply to join, which helps build our knowledgeable and friendly community.

  • Break out of your bubble. Get diverse perspectives from people from all walks of life! On Superpod, you will meet doctors, lawyers, musicians, chefs, and more.

  • Superpod is like a RPG for knowledge. As you answer questions, you build experience and level up in your pods. Show off what you know with cool rewards and badges!

  • Superpod connects you to advice you can trust from our "pods" of experts
Tester's FAQ: Download the app from Google Play via the OPT-IN link and start testing!