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Exploro - Connect with Maps beta

App Description

I expect to get feedback for my beta app, from the wonderful community here. I can offer my expertise or advice to other developers who would like to get into this domain. App Description- Over the years, convenience issues regarding locations have drastically increased, ranging from visibility problems for organizations or residential areas to navigation issues. I would like to introduce Exploro.

Exploro uses the latest GPS technology by leveraging the cloud computing technology to enable you so that you can have endless possibilities and make your life a little more convenient.

Place :

Add and save any place on the map and share it with people, replace long addresses with a short and simple Exploro code , add an image to let people know how it looks. Location sharing made fun and easy with Exploro.

Check in :

Check in with Exploro and notify people you care about, that you’ve reached safely. Check in to a place on the maps with a simple tap of a button and let your family/friends know you're there and share your exact place and real-time location with them.

Zones :

Set up zone alerts for the whole family or friends. Get notified when your family members come and go from home , work , your child's bus has left or reached the school or your soccer friends leave their home or get to the practice ground. Create a zone on your child's school bus , track and get notifications when it's approaching you so that you pick him up on time and he is not late to board the bus in the morning.

Navigate :

Navigation made easy with Exploro. Navigate to a place , friend or a car or a bus. Our latest GPS technology is easy to use , provides you with real-time navigation and uses Google maps as its platform.

Broadcast Messages:

Exploro gives you the feature of sending Broadcast messages to your audience , send an update or an emergency message to the group you want with a single tap.

Social Groups:

Create a social group with your family or friends and connect with them via Exploro. You can see and track your family and friends on the map in real-time as long as they permit you and vice versa.


You control who can see your location , hide your location anytime you want and go invisible. We, at Exploro wholeheartedly believe in securing your data and that is why we've implemented a 256 bit encryption to secure you.

TestingCatalog Rating: 3
Community Status: Open

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