App Description

We believe that when you have happy thoughts, you create a happier world for yourself and for those around you. Keeping this in mind, the InnerHour Wellness App has been designed in order to assess what’s keeping you back from leading a more fulfilling life and provides you with research-based strategies to work on your emotional wellness and physical health in the long term.

The InnerHour Wellness App has been developed with the support of experienced psychologists, psychiatrists and mental health experts. While we believe that traditional therapy is important, the Wellness app is designed to allow people access to emotional support and psychological self-help with the use of quality, research-based assistance in spite of stigma, cost and other logistical barriers. There are custom made courses in the areas of happiness, sleep, mood, worry, anger and stress. This is in line with our motto ‘Happier people, Happier World’.


Each programme begins with an initial assessment which is designed to assess your current functioning in that particular area. It is meant to gauge the intensity of a problem in order to develop a suitable support system and happiness guide for you. For example, in the Stress Management programme, the initial assessment will assess your current stress levels in order to create a suitable 28 day plan for you to learn ways to relax.

Daily Tasks

Each programme is designed in order to keep you engaged and excited about self-improvement. There are certain activities that you must complete each day in order to ensure progress and relief. This could be learning skills, coping techniques, reading an article or practising a mindfulness exercise to help develop resilience.

Happiness Goals

There are certain CBT techniques you can practise in order to feel better and prevent your body and mind from experiencing the negative impact of anxiety, depression, worry or low mood. It is important that you practise these techniques on a regular basis in order to see noticeable changes in the way you deal with distressing events. The InnerHour Wellness App is a therapy app that not only guides you about these techniques but also allows you to track them on a daily basis.

Your thoughts

Everyone faces distressing situations from time to time. These situations might cause us to start thinking negative and unhelpful thoughts. If this manner of thinking is not corrected, it could have a negative impact on your body and mind. This self-help app includes a component which allows you to work on negative thinking patterns which might be affecting you. This module is designed to help you correct unhelpful thoughts and start thinking more positive, helpful thoughts.

Stress-Relief Tools

Everyone is bound to get overwhelmed when situations are beyond our control and require more resources that we are prepared to give. Stress Management Tools are designed to provide you with immediate relief in such circumstances. They help you cope better and manage the physical and emotional distress you might be feeling by using meditation exercises and other research-based techniques.

  • We believe that when you have happy thoughts, you create a happier world for yourself and for those around you
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