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Smart Squares - Play for free board game Beta

Beta Update from 28 Nov 2017
From Google Play

What's New

This version has many improvements and is much better than the last version.

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App Description

Combine 4 color matching tokens on the board to find the edges of a square in this challenging game. As more tokens are on the board more squares can be made with a single move.

How high can you score against your friends in multiplayer mode or the computer in single player mode?

Smart Squares is a brain exercise which increases spatial idea, intelligence, decision-making and problem solving skills. You can have fun in seconds, but it's challenging to master.

Know your enemy, craft your strategy, make squares, challenge your logic skills and enjoy smart squares every time you play.

Play Smart Squares alone or play with friends to see who can find more squares to reach the top score!

Play the 41 Smart Squares Quest puzzles - destroy all barriers on the board with your squares.

Create your own Quest puzzles in the Level Generator


  • 100% Free
  • 100% Ad-free
  • Completely free to play
  • No annoying ask for permission
  • Simple, unique, innovative game play
  • Beautiful relaxing puzzle game design
  • No time limit
  • No life limit
  • Endless logic fun
  • Computer AI can be set to "Easy", "Medium", "Hard" or "Impossible"
  • Board size can be small, medium, large or xxl

Try something new with a the unique gameplay of Smart Squares. Train your skills wherever you go, compete with your friends and have fun by being smart and making squares!

TestingCatalog Rating: 2
Community Status: Open

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