App Description

Texting and driving puts us in danger everyday! The TimeOut app for Android removes distractions while you are driving your car by entering your device into a safe driving mode. Which is triggered when vehicle movement is detected. Driving mode creates a driving lock screen that prevents you from texting and driving, making phone calls, checking emails and accessing other features of your device that put you in danger while driving your car. This lock screen also enables do not disturb mode so your not tempted by incoming notifications on your device.

Is it really worth risking your life to send a 😉 ? Device addiction is real, so let TimeOut for Android do the hard work for you. Make phone calls through blue tooth and wait till you are fully stopped to send text messages. Once the vehicle stops moving, safe driving mode becomes disabled allowing you send texts safely, check social media, and do whatever else you desire. Driving with your friends, driving with your kids, and driving by yourself has never been safer.

In order to see how dependent on our devices we really are. TimeOut for Android also offers a widget to raise awareness as to how often we look at our devices in a day. See the amount of times in a one day you check your phone for notifications, text messages, and phone calls. TimeOut for Android also stores this information so you can compare how many times you checked your phone today, yesterday, last week and last month.

TimeOut works hard to reduce distractions so let us take control of device addiction while you take control of the wheel.


  • Driving mode lock screen that prevents distracted driving.
  • Do not disturb while driving
  • Passenger mode for those who aren't behind the wheel and wish disable driving mode.
  • Stop driving blocker in case of emergency directly from lock screen.
  • Statistics to show your successful/interrupted driving mode trips.
  • Widget to monitor device addiction seeing how often you check your phone
  • Set personal goals to achieve minimum interrupted trips.

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  • The TimeOut app for Android removes distractions while you are driving your car by entering your device into a safe driving mode
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