App Description

Story: Once there was a small village with small number of people surrounded by various places with dangerous creatures. The village is ruled by their Chief, a strong and intelligent man. The Chief sets an important tasks to anyone who is brave enough to slay the dangerous creatures and protect the village

You will be playing as the villager who will protect the village from dangerous creatures.

Slayer’s Quest is a 2D pixel art arcade game with RPG elements. Slay dangerous enemies and powerful bosses. Unlock new and stronger forms and try out magic scrolls. Enjoy the easy to play game mechanics.

Game Features:

  • 3 starter heroes with different classifications.
  • Strength Type
  • Agility Type and
  • Intelligence Type
  • Enjoy their powerful abilities.
  • Cast powerful magic scrolls in a single tap.
  • Flame Thrower Scroll
  • Dark Scroll
  • Ice Scroll
  • Thunder Scroll
  • Meteor Scroll
  • Earn gold and gems.
  • Improve your hero by upgrading his stats.
  • Unlock new and stronger upcoming forms.
  • Strong enemies with mini bosses and bosses.
  • Simple gameplay that only requires your great timing skill.

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  • You will be playing as the villager who will protect the village from dangerous creatures
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