App Description

Bantr Messenger is an awesome Android SMS/text messaging app, providing you a beautiful experience and incredibly useful features not found in any other SMS app. This replaces your default SMS app, and instantly improves the way you text and communicate.

If you install Bantr now, it will be free on your devices for life. No fees, no in-app purchases, no locked or expiring features, and there is no in-app advertising.

In addition to being able to text as you would expect, here are a few great reasons to try out Bantr and experience the difference:

Message Scheduling: Before tapping Send, choose a date and time for your message to actually get sent! This is a great way to send a Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays or a late night message that you want to arrive any day in the future. Or that you want to arrive first thing tomorrow morning (instead of midnight when you're writing it).

BantrCast: Ever want to send the same text to lots of people without sending it as a Group message? With Bantr, you can compose a single message and send it to as many as 25 people at a time in one step! Each person will receive the text as though you wrote it just to them. Only you will receive replies, and each individual conversation remains private.

Delayed Message Send: Turning this feature on allows you to "take back" a message after tapping Send! You'll have a few seconds to cancel the message in case you catch a typo, change your mind, write to the wrong contact, or just... make a mistake.

Text-To-Speech: Turn on Text-To-Speech (TTS) while in a conversation, then any message received from that person will be spoken using Google text-to-speech output. Bantr even translates frequently used abbreviations!

View All Media: See all the photos & videos that you've ever sent or received - without scrolling through countless conversations and messages to find them. You can also just see the photos & videos shared between you and any individual contact or group.

One-Tap Replies: Even if you are in the middle of composing a message, you can quickly send an emoji or predefined text message with a tap. Then go right back to your previous message composition.

BETA FYI: Thank you for participating in our Preview Launch! As with any pre-release app, please keep in mind that Bantr might have some problems. We are always working to crush bugs and improve features, but you might run into unexpected issues along the way. You can always uninstall Bantr and return to the SMS app you were using before. And you can always help us out by reporting feedback and bugs to us at or from right inside the app.

There are a few known issues and limitations at this time, which we will be addressing in future releases:

  • Deleting individual messages within a conversation is very slow (but don't worry, they will be deleted while you continue using the app)
  • Bantr does not support Dual SIM's yet
  • LG phones might have trouble sending lots of photos or videos (you'll just have to restart the app if this happens)
  • LG phones cannot search message content (but can still find contacts by name, etc.)

IF YOU ARE PRESS, REVIEWING Bantr and have any questions or need additional info/materials, feel free to contact us at and we'll get back to you shortly to help out.

  • Bantr Messenger is an awesome Android SMS/text messaging app, providing you a beautiful experience and incredibly useful features not found in any other SMS app
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