App Description

Welcome to the Truecaller Beta Community for Android users! Here you can exchange ideas, give us feedback and experience what the latest Truecaller, Truemessenger and Truedialer have to offer. We ask that you are patient with crashes or strange behaviors that can occur with the beta.


  1. Join the Community
  2. Open the link below, and click 'Become a Tester' for either Truecaller or Truedialer (or both!)
  3. Go to Google Play and download Truecaller or Truedialer again.

Let's get testing!

*Note: All support related issues should be directed to the support page on our website. Visit us at


  • Truecaller identifies unknown callers and blocks unwanted calls
Tester's FAQ: Download the app from Google Play via the OPT-IN link and start testing!
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