App Description

LiqCalc is the perfect App for every vaper! No matter how your liquid/E-juice is calculated, using the user-friendly interface will make the calculation fast & easy! Liquid calculator is suitable for beginners & experienced vaper!

Base Calculator:

  • Base + Flavor (+ other Flavors): The "standard calculator" - Use this to calculate how much milliliter Flavor for a desired amount of liquid is needed
  • Base + Base + Flavor: Bases with different nicotine levels - Calculate the amount of each base required to get the desired nicotine strength
  • How much liquid from flavor: Calculate how much liquid can be produced from an existing quantity of flavor

My recipes:

  • Save your created recipes
  • All information at a glance: total volume, PG / VG / H2O ratio, base and flavor (s) in milliliters and grams
  • Take a recipe into the base calculator and refine / modify it
  • Share your recipes with your friends
  • Backup your recipe database with your google drive account


  • Dilute bases with high nicotine strengths in the desired VG / PG-share

Price Calculator:

  • Calculate your savings in comparison to the tobacco consumption
  • Choice between ready-mixed and self-mixed liquid

Ohm Calculator (Ohms Law):

  • Calculation of voltage, current, resistance and power

Battery Calculator:

  • Calculate how long you can vape with your battery
  • Specified in number of puffs and seconds / minutes
  • LiqCalc is the perfect App for every vaper!
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