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Reddit: The Official App beta

Beta Update from 18 Aug 2018
Version Varies with device
From Google Play

What’s New

• We’re trying out some cleaner fonts, let us know what you think in r/redditandroidbeta!
• You can now add subreddit shortcuts to your Home screen
• Fixed toasts overlapping chat fields
• Improved video controls for smoother scrolling
• Fixed a bug where videos/gifs on feed did not respect autoplay setting
• Fixed a bug where videos/gifs were frozen when opening from links or search results
• Disabling chat notifications on the web now toggles the “Mute badge” option

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App Description

Funny cat photos, trending news stories, and the best discussions on the internet - these are just a few of the awesome things the official Reddit app does best.

On Reddit, there’s a community for every subject imaginable: your favorite sports team, relationship advice, memes, the latest in news and politics - all in real time.

And if you like gifs (or jifs, jiffys, glyphs, ifs, however you choose to mispronounce it), we’re positive you'll love it.

What’s that you say, girl? “What about a community dedicated solely to images of cats standing on their hind legs?”

We got that, too.

Whether you’re into movies or space travel, baking or weight training, cheesy dad jokes or more NSFW humor, world news or Hollywood gossip - or all of the above - you can instantly share your content and ideas with an audience of millions.

We’re not saying Reddit is like all your favorite apps put together. But if we were saying that, we’d tell you it has:

  • the trendy headlines of Twitter
  • the educational content of Quora
  • the viral pics of Memebase and Imgur
  • the jokesters of Tumblr
  • the lols of 9GAG and theCHIVE
  • the cringeworthy personal stories of FML and Fail Blog
  • the rage comics of fourchan
  • and the powerful, human stories found only on Reddit.

(Oops, we went full circle.)

So the next time you’re bored and need a break - wait, you’re bored right now? Why are you still reading this? Download the app already!

Those cats won’t stand on their hind legs forever...

Privacy Policy: https://m.reddit.com/wiki/privacypolicy

User Agreement: https://m.reddit.com/wiki/useragreement

Content Policy: https://m.reddit.com/wiki/contentpolicy

Beta testing subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/redditandroidbeta

TestingCatalog Rating: 44
Community Status: Open

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👻 Report, if you find any bugs and give use your feedback by sharing your findings with the Community of beta testers.

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