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IDTouch Lock Screen 2.0 beta

Beta Update from 18 Jul 2018
Version Varies with device
From Google Play

What’s New

fast lock
fix bugs
battery optimization

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App Description

IDTouch is the fastest and securest way to protect your phone. You can use any of our two revolutionary methods to unlock your phone.

First method: You can launch / open your apps faster than any other method with our revolutionary Swipe Pad which allow you to unlock your phone using a security pattern and open any app at the same time. We know you have to enter your security pattern every time you want to use your phone in order to protect your personal information, but it is a waste of time. That is why we have created a special pad, so you can do it while your app is being opened and save those annoying second that you waste to unlock your phone all the time.

Second method (public places): ID Tap Code is a new method to unlock your phone without taking the risk to other people can see your code when you are entering it. Tap code is a new method to unlock phones using a series of taps on any icon. IDTouch learn your unique way of entering the code on the touch screen by using sensor data and touch screen sensibility. The unique personal code is based on taps over the touch screen. It is as simple as playing a rhythm on your screen, so it is similar to morse code but IDTouch will collect sensor data in order to guarantee only you can unlock your phone. The pattern can be entered over the favorites apps icons, so this allows the access to your favorite apps quickly while you are authenticated at the same time just like the Swipe Pad.

How does it works?

When you swipe over any icon, the pad to enter the code will appear and you will be able to drag the icon app and using it to enter the pattern. when you finish to enter the pattern, the selected app will be open instantly.

If you are in a public place and you don’t want anybody can watch your screen and guess your code, you just have to use the tap code, you can enter the sequence of taps on either any icon or any part of the screen to open you home screen.

Key Features:

Auto Learning: Within few days IDTouch will learn the singular way you enter the code, so no one will can use the phone without your permission, even though they saw the code when you put it over the screen.

Shortcut Apps: You will can select your favorite apps to quickly access from your lock screen directly, but it will be even better because the apps won't be able to be accessed if the code be not entered over their icon, so only you will can access.

Quickly launch: The apps will be started quickly while the authenticating process is performed at the same time!!

Custom Wallpaper: Select your favorite image appearing on the lock screen.

Pin recovery: If you forget the "tap code", you can enter the pin recovery.

Turn off Lock: The phone can not be turned off if the screen have not been unlocked. This feature will be useful to avoid the phone be stolen and turned off immediately.

Low battery consumption.

How setup?

IDTouch can be setup in 4 steps.

  1. Entern your pattern security.

  2. Think a tap code based on the beats of some sound o music which you remember easily. Put it over the screen 5 times in order that IDTouch learns the unique pattern. The app will be kept learning and it will be more secure each time.

  3. Setup your favorite image as wallpaper or let the default image.

  4. Enter a recovery 4 digits PIN.

  5. Select the shortcut apps for appearing in the lockscreen.

The app will improve the authentication process learning the way "only you" put the code over the screen each day using sensor data and touch screen sensibility

Enjoy this amazing and very secure lockscreen!!

(IDTouch started as an academical proyect and it is in beta status at this moment, we will be very grateful with the feedback you can give us . Send your suggestions to eledevelop.apps@gmail.com or comment in the store)

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